Chair Yoga for Your Neck, Back and Shoulders

In this 25 minute seated practice we will use a chair to support our body as we assume poses and postures to address tension in our neck, shoulders, back, and spine. Enjoy!


Yoga to Loosen Stiff Shoulders

This easy practice targets muscles associated with shoulder movement. Designed to stretch and strengthen, we will work muscles from your neck through your mid-back. Before you begin, you should have about 25 minutes and make sure you have enough floor space to lie down comfortably. Use a mat of you have one available. Thank you for tuning in and I hope you enjoy this relaxing practice!


Yoga for Low Back Pain

In less than 30 minutes, we gently address low back pain. We will stretch and strengthen muscles that support your low back and, in addition, work toward increasing range of motion in your spine. You will need a mat or a towel to lie on and a chair is recommended for balance and support. If you can, allow for some extra time after this video for meditation. Your body will be primed and ready to relax.  


Yoga for Building Strength & Flexibility

All you need is a mat for today. We'll incorporate the breath along with the movement of the body, working up to a light flow to increase strength and promote flexibility. Once you have your mat in place you’re ready to begin.


Yoga to Relax the Low Body

With a combination of flow and focus, we’ll relax the spine, low back, hips, and legs. To facilitate our practice, grab a yoga strap or a belt, and plan on participating for about 20 minutes.


Yoga for Hips and Thighs

Let’s focus on working deeply into some poses and postures aimed at increasing strength and flexibility through your hips and thighs. Before you get started, have a hand towel and yoga block, or something with a flat and stable surface that will support your weight. This class takes less than 25 minutes.


Yoga for Balance and Grounding

Use this 20 minute practice to improve balance and grounding. We begin with a standing warm up, incorporating key balance poses and then focus on grounding to round out the practice. Have a chair nearby to help with balance postures.