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Yoga: Duets and Individual Yoga Classes Charlotte NC:

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Yoga Charlotte NC

Yoga refers to a state of union. To me, that may include breath control, meditation, or postures (asana). It is possible to be doing anything and still be doing yoga. Focus is key to achieve this union. Focus is necessary to bring it all together in a meaningful way.

“Yoga is the bringing together of that which was never separate.” -Richard Miller, Ph.D., IRI, IAYT (iRest, Yoga Nidra)

In class, you can expect a lighthearted environment with specific instructions. It'll be fun, you'll learn something, and there will be benefits for your body, mind, and spirit.

We will be using elements of earth, water, fire, air, and spirit to achieve this:

Yoga Charlotte NC, yoga, 28205 class,
Yoga Charlotte NC

Earth - feeling secure in your body. Earth provides the foundation where you stand

Water - flow and motion as you move from pose to pose

Fire - reducing and eliminating obstacles that may hold you back

Air - balancing it all out with love and focus

Ether - bringing in the spiritual aspect for inner strength

My classes are spaces for recovery.

Recovering what you may have thought you lost; your wholeness. As an instructor, I believe part of what I provide is an opportunity to show students what is right about them so that, when the time comes, students have the strength to face what needs to be either improved or accepted about themselves. Then they can welcome all aspects of themselves into their rediscovered wholeness.

About Melanie Lanese:

Outside of yoga I am a Massage Therapist and I work extensively with oncology patients. Most of them tell me that they feel as though they have lost part of themselves in the process of healing their physical bodies. Although they may feel broken apart, I see them as their whole selves. To me, they are akin to kaleidoscopes, always patterned differently, but always fascinating and beautiful. Their wholeness has always been there and is right about them. I want to let them see that for themselves.

Since I want to live in a world where there is peace, love, freedom, respect, support, kindness, harmony, and compassion, my classes will reflect that belief. As a practitioner and instructor of yoga, I foster an environment of love and acceptance. I will support you by providing a safe environment where students come to explore deeper in order to recognize their wholeness and deepen into it. I want for students to be able to confirm their own well-being.